Friday, July 8

Looking At You Looking Back At Me

This artists inventiveness got him into hot water with the Secret Service after he designed a project that answered the question how we stare at computers and if we could see what they see, would we look at them any differently?
0,1468,i=309601,00I found Kyle McDonald’s project “People Staring At Computers” fascinating! One of the behaviors it shows is just how uncomfortable people are while in public when they see pictures of themselves (or someone else’s picture) popping up on a computer screen. Especially when they are looking at computers in an Apple Store and don’t expect it!

What the computers see isn’t pretty either! While I watched the video the Brooklyn based artist released on Vimeo I couldn’t believe the looks on people faces! What were they thinking looking at these computers?! Makes you think about how you are looking RIGHT NOW doesn’t it? Tee hee!

The Secret Service got involved when McDonald started posting his images on a Tumblr blog on the internet, prompting him to tweet; “The F__Secret Service just stopped by to investigate….and took my laptop. Please assume they are reading any emails you send me.”
Check out the video and the rest of the story for yourself. Artist Gets Secret Service Visit Over Apple Store Webcam Spying.

Today is Friday and I for one am really glad the weekend is here! The weather is superb and I plan to have a swim in the pool, and a really awesome top down drive in my little blue sports car down one Highway One by the Ocean. I’m thinking of driving to Santa Cruz for a day on the boardwalk and then maybe going to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants down there. I have been working hard and deserve some fun time. I hope your weekend is fantastic also!
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  1. Oh this is frustrating...sometimes I feel as though we have no privacy anywhere anymore. Call me paranoid, but sometimes I feel like more than Big Brother is watching...LOL
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Raven :>

  2. Oh BTW
    I do hope you have a great week my friend. Stop by my place sometime for you are welcome anytime.
    Raven :>

  3. ♫ *´”)
    ,¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ♫ ♪
    (¸.•´ (¸.• ♫ ♪ Well, that certainly made for a good read and interesting too!! I can see the Constitution being re-written now… We the Government can do ANYTHING we want to at anytime that we want to do it, whenever we see fit.
    Good golly!
    I do hope that you enjoyed your dayƩevening, the Good Lord knows you need it.

  4. blessings.....
    Thank you for stopping by my space, like me you go through the older posts, it was a pleasant surprpise.

    Secret service took his labtop, really? makes you wonder if he was/is onto something.

    i'll check out the video. take care and stay blessed.

  5. Lately I have been so busy all I've had time to do is write. Thanks for all of your comments I love to hear what you think. As a person trying to be a better writer you are a blessing to me! I hope you are all having a fun filled lazy Summer weekend. Kinda strange year with the weather, it's too cold on the West coast and too hot on the East coast. We have has one dark week and now weekend without much sun so it feels more like Fall. Thinking of you. ♥


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