Wednesday, June 22

The Sunshine Award

I was lucky enough to receive “The Sunshine Award” form Chaos Headquarters (now closed) by my friend Seth. I am very honored as it’s my first award! Seth is a long time online friend and blogger who is a firefighter, medic, teacher, parent, and funny as hell person to have as a friend. I’m very happy to get this from Seth through “Rhapsody Phoenix”. Stop by and visit his BlogSpot and tell him I said; “Hello!”
This award comes at a time when I have a lot of heavy duty things to consider about my life. There will be many changes to go through and I feel apprehensive about it. That is why this could not have happened at a better time. It shows me I have a great life and changes aren’t always a bad thing. Why not treat it as a new beginning? I think I will do just that. Thanx from the bottom of my heart Seth!
Just like Seth, I will be passing on my award to 10 of my favorite bloggers very soon. An award is not fun unless shared by others.
I’m very busy so I won’t have much time to blog for a week. I’m not going anywhere so I will be back to sling a blog if I can manage it, and in no time things will be back to normal. I enjoy writing very much, thanx for reading me and I’ll be back on track as soon as I can.
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