Wednesday, May 4

The Wicked Witch Is Dead

Bin Laden Does Hula

Warlock, witch doctor or terrorist this is one evil man that will remain forever in our history. Not many people would argue this issue after all the horrible things he planned and executed. He’s right up there with Hitler and the rest of those evil souls in being responsible for killing hoards of innocent people because of a strong personal belief. Nothing tangible, just a belief, like in the Easter Bunny.
Unfortunately, the people he’s killed had no say in the matter, have no personal beliefs, they don’t see their loved ones anymore and they have no feelings because their eyes are forever closed to this life. All because of this man and the horror he poured into the World the day he was born.


So now that we got him where’s the proof? Compared to what we see on our favorite TV shows and movies I’m sure ‘someone’ is fit to see the picture that shows this scum dead.

 Sexy Bin Laden

We already buried him against his religious practices so I see no problem with angering his remaining followers now! I even did a search online and found NOTHING. That is unusual. When David Carridine passed away I actually found images of him on the slab freshly sewn up after his autopsy had been finished. (No, I wasn’t looking for these but I was doing research at the time and yes it was horrible.)

 Bush At His Best

How many times have things leaked from the White House and the government through the years? Pictures that should of NEVER got out? This is where you UFO believers should be agreeing with me at least. Tee hee!


But really can’t we all just sit back and revisit how much fun Osama really was?


I want to see his dead body! By not showing us the proof you are hiding something! I can understand not showing a picture of a person with his head blown off it’s not a pretty sight. I have seen this first hand so I can take it. We would STILL be able to see it was him and we don’t need to show it to children. Where’d all that tax money go? We are at WAR so where’s the spoils?
Time Bomb
I find violence abhorrent yet I would put my feelings aside just for a glimpse of that picture. The fact that the White House is fighting this shows me there’s a reason for that and it’s being hidden or re-directed behind the ‘curtain’. Perhaps while we are watching this, the White House will pull a white rabbit out of that hat.
This situation is still pending and we’ll see what happens next. I wrote this blog because this is how I feel about the situation. It remains to be seen if anything new happens. Maybe you see it differently? I’d love to hear some more opinions on this and above all…
(I hope….)

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  1. Look out! Here come all the looney-tune conspiracy theorists! “He’s not really dead cause he was seen at 7-11 buying a big gulp!”, “He’s been dead for 10 years already & here’s the big photo-shopped pic of his mummified remains”…blah,blah,blah. I can hardly wait!

    I hope his 72 virgins all have big moustaches!

  2. I am extremely happy that Bin Laden is dead!If, he really is. Obama clearly made it a higher priority in recent months to get Bin Laden. He only gave the go ahead with the mission after absolute confirmation. Those brave men and women… Our troops did a magnificent job! They deserve the credit and recognition. I have not forgotten. May the families of those lost on that day find some sense of peace allthough we know this is not over. To our military and our US citizens please be very careful in the days to come.
    As happy as I am that he may indeed be dead, I refuse to jump around when someone dies…I don’t want to become one of them. But, that doesn’t mean I am not thrilled.
    The sea was too good for him. Bury him in a vat of pig’s blood.

  3. I know what you mean Seth! The troops did do a wonderous job, just like clock work. I haven't forgotten the troops either how can I? I have many veterens in my family especially Marines and they were the best! I think it's insult enough that he didn't get buried like his religon wanted. He won't be getting any virgins either! He's getting exactly what he deserves after death......NOTHING! Just what the scum deserves. ♥


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