Friday, May 27

What Are These Women Up To?

These women are all doing the same thing. Look closely at their faces. What do you think they are up to?
Here’s some close ups to give you a better look.
Don’t they look like they are having an awesome time?
They make me wish I was doing what they were doing! (Whatever that may be).

All I can think of is, that they are having a great time. They don’t look un-happy…..


They all look so thrilled, like the ‘special’ kind of happiness we all want to experience!


Time to let it all hang out and I can only hope I have as much fun as these gals are.


Do you think you know what they are up to yet?


I thought of just about everything but what they were actually doing, so this wasn’t as easy as I thought!

K, now’s the time to spill the beans. An answer you will NEVER believe because it’s something very surprising. Here we go just read below.


These ladies are all sneezing. You heard me correctly, sneezing. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen such sexy looking sneezes in my entire life!LMAO I’d like to know what you thought these women were doing before you knew the answer?



Have a Great Weekend  Keep On Bloggin’!


  1. I thought they were in the labor room ready to give birth.. Haha Donna T

  2. Who's yer daddy, who's yer daddy!!

  3. Yes, sneeze... that's just what I was going to say (not). But at the same time, I knew the Big O would've been too simple, it had to be something else.

  4. You're right Donna, sex and giving birth. Lmao! When I first saw these pictures I didn't guess the answer either. Luv you friends! ♥


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