Monday, May 23

Never Before Seen 3D Chalk Drawings

Chalk drawings on pavement have been around since the first caveperson found a strange stone that made marks when rubbed against other rocks. Well they’ve come a long way baby!
Artists started experimenting with sidewalk chalk drawings a long time ago but with the explosion of 3D movies and TV’s those humble beginnings have blossomed into extremely popular works of art on city sidewalks.
Take a look at this man getting ready to dive into the water. What’s real and what isn’t? No matter, the effects are strikingly real. It’s so hard to tell it’s all totally flat sidewalk.
Just how is this done? The eyes get fooled not unlike an optical illusion. Take a look at the next image.

Look at the guy getting into the pool with the woman. It looks real doesn’t it?

Look at the other side of the picture and you can see how the eye is fooled. Really cool huh? Now that you have seen how it’s done let’s look at some of the never before seen 3D chalk drawings.
These are hot off the press! I found them online today doing some research for other blogs and they caught my interest. These are all done by different artists. Enjoy them, they’re incredible!
All these are done on flat services with chalk only. When it rains they will wash off. A lot of work for just a small amount of time.
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28649_5_468 2304908238_5137559e68 att00010 gg kurt-wenner-painting laguna_print lanzarotereduc lleidallordi-1 mainimage noname2 noname3 noname4 noname5 MD106. MADRID, 10/07/07.-El pintor británico Julian Beever posa junto a su obra, una cascada de agua que, mediante una técnica llamada anamorfosis, crea en el espectador la ilusión de introducirse en la obra, que está pintando en la Plaza Manuel Gómez Moreno de la capital. EFE/GUSTAVO CUEVAS<br /><br /> p1010855 p1010920 p1020077 p1020465 reflections renault_atelier top01 top02 top04 chalk6 nog6 noname4

I was just going to post the newest 3D chalk drawings but I got excited and added a few more. I doubt that you’re complaining.

What wondrous work these artists have done! I like that people can stand in them so when a picture is taken it looks as if they are in the drawing! Which one is your favorite?
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  1. Quite intersting Bekkie, and I hadn't seen those ones before..

  2. I've not seen those either, amazing
    that man has talent.


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