Sunday, May 1

Mixed Nuts

Ever wonder what happened to all the beautiful ‘Flower Girls’ during hippy times? Braless young fresh faces sometimes running around naked in the psychedelic era, who can forget them?

After taking a gander at this last picture I don’t think anyone will forget them ever again now! Lmao! The old hippy gal has guts I’ll give her that!

Now that we’re on the subject of getting older take a look at this gal who works out every day. I’d like to see any of you that are laughing now to try this yourself! I didn’t think so…..

She really is in great shape at her age! Does anyone else think she looks like Einstein's daughter? What's up with that workout gear? Ha ha!

Dr. Seuss for older kids.

Love and the ATM machine.

Funny Products

Bag O’ Jokes

Tomorrow’s Monday so I hope this blog can give you at least a few chuckles before you have to get back to the grindstone. Thanks for stopping by it’s a pleasure for me to blog for you and much more than that it’s rewarding when I’m read by YOU.

Keep On Bloggin’!


  1. To be honest with you Bekkie, I just don't approve of those shaped ice creams that those girls are eating, I'm old fashioned and it's just not funny it's icky...

  2. Sorry my blog wasn't up to par with you LJ. I feel really bad because I haven't heard from you in a while and then this. I have done a lot of other good blogs yet this is the only one you commented on lately. I totally understand how you feel and almost removed it but then that would be censoring myself which is something I feel is wrong also. I hope my next blog interests you and that you will continue reading me. It was good to hear from you none-the-less. Big hug! ♥

  3. Ohh good God @ tattoed naked old lady and oh father Jesus at the iron pumping woman, you would think with all that exercise and fitness she'd be tighter instead of sagging flapping skin on bone.

  4. It is shocking how even being in such good shape at her age doesn't help matters any. It just goes to show that getting old just plain sucks no matter what you do to fight it!! Just think of how she would look if she wasn't working out, that's the scary part of all this! The tatooed naked lady didn't work out and yet she didn't look much different than the other one who does. Ekkkkkk! ♥


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