Wednesday, May 18

Miss Flight Attendant 2011 Calendar

When the x-rated, ‘Miss Flight Attendant 2011' naked calendar first came out it was so popular it was hard to get a copy of. Well, I was lucky enough to get one so enjoy it!

Under 18? You'll just have to stop here.

There are some sexy babes huh? Have a great week, the weekend will be here very soon!

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  1. All one needs is an imagination... and I have quite the imagination! Nice calendar!!!

  2. That is so erotic in a hilarious kind of way... and so frightening at the same time.

  3. Thanks Seth it was sure fun to make up, & it is scary! Lol!

  4. Hi Bekkie,
    I don't know what I done just before but instead of posting a comment I think I may have clicked post a link and ended up with a link update to your site on my blog... I've deleted it but wanted you to know I haven't stolen your blog... I thought this blog was very funny by the way....

  5. Love the calendar!! Very funny :)


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