Tuesday, May 10

Improving Your Blog With Gadgets

Blogger has gadgets and widgets to use but what are they and which should I use? Actually, they are the same thing and can do wonders for your website. If familiar with code you can write them yourself.

A Gadget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user (people using the gadget) without requiring additional compilation. They do many different things. 

They are derived from the idea of code reuse. Other terms used to describe gadgets include widget, badge, module, webjit, capsule, snippet, mini, application, flake and more. Gadgets usually but not always use HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, or Adobe Flash. 

End users primarily use widgets to enhance our personal web experiences or the web experiences of visitors to our personal sites.The use of widgets has proven extremely popular, where users of social media are able to add stand-alone applications to blogs, profiles and community pages for free. Widgets add utility in the same way that an Android smartphone uses applications.

The developers of these widgets often offer them for free which gives them a form of sponsored content where both parties gain. This can pay for the cost of the development.

Blogger can use gadgets from all kinds of websites not just what's listed which is the beauty of using these ‘portable chunks of code’. Because the coding is all very similar I have found gadgets from other websites that I was able to ‘tweak’ to use on my website. (By tweaking I mean changing the code a bit so it does work.) 

If you’re looking for new ideas for Blogger or your website, One Gadget At A Time is the site to read. It explains everything you need to know to use awesome gadgets. You can use just about any of them as long as the ‘embed code’ works. (Sometimes if they don't a few tweaks and you can get it working, the code can be a little different depending on what version of the code required.)

There’s a big difference between some gadgets and others. Compare them and see what I mean. The best place to find the coolest gadgets is by searching online there's so many to use for free

You have a Blogger website so why should you have to deal with gadgets? Because gadgets are not only for fun they can give you important information about your website's statistics. These gadgets tell you who’s following you, how many people visit your website, what kind of comments you get, the friends you make and so much more. 

When you have a new website although they're already set up you need to go and install certain gadgets to make it complete. Make your website "pop" by experimenting with movement, looks and colors. Some gadgets help get your point across and convey the "mood" of your website. To be successful you must attract readers and your site is only as good as your last reader.

“If we could only pull out our brains and use only our eyes.” Pablo Picasso

That would hurt like mad Pablo! Lol!

Keep On Bloggin’!


  1. So cool.... you capture my interest with all your wisdom that you share with us. :)

  2. Soooo, are you ready for the weekend? I hope you are. I hope that you are enjoying some great bright, sunny and warm weather as well. Cheers!

  3. I'm visiting my friend Marguerite in the oakland hills again. She has another house guest & us ladies are tearing up the city! I'm going to be here 4 more days. Today it's sunny out &we r sitting on the deck in the sun. My typing sucks on this apple pad so ignore the mistakes.lol!
    I hope your weekend is great too Seth! U r so kind about my blogs, what a sweetie u r!


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