Monday, May 30

Gem Stones Hidden On The Internet

I found an interesting website while roaming the internet by a man who lives in Madrid Spain named Nacho Rojo. This man got my attention after the first few images hit my corneas and burned into my brain.
He calls himself ReClarkgable and from what I saw online he likes to do a series of photographs connected by a single subject (whatever that may be)and he’s very good.
He has some clever ideas for commercials like the one above. I love it!
Here is a series of photographs taken on January 15, 2009 using a Leica D-LUX 3. The same couple are in each photo shot from the same angle. Only their outfits and hairstyles changed. Let’s take a look!
Not a new idea by all means but he did a nice job and I like his work. There is a lot more going on at his website. I only took a peek at his art but it’s worth further investigation. To see his website and learn more about the man and his career CLICK ME. 
I don’t know if he did the paper work in this image, (I suspect he did) but I like the way he used it for his message. He seems to be talented at many different art forms. I like that.
I hope to see more of his work in the future and from what I’ve seen I’m sure I will. I adore finding awesome art online to expose my readers to. Hope you liked it.
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  1. Marvelous artwork. Well... this is all new to me. I will certainly have to check out the link. You do come across some of the coolest spaces/website.

  2. Thanx Seth you are so kind! It's so cool to come across such gem stomes on the Internet. They are so beautiful to see my friends! Luv ya! ♥


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