Tuesday, April 12

The World According To Americans


Us Americans can have some funny outlooks on the rest of the world at times as you can see from this chart. This is the response that was figured out after questioning different people on the streets in several states in the US for one day. The results were compiled, put on this chart and were done to be humorous, so have a good laff poking fun at our country and ourselves.  


Sad but true. I think it’s pretty funny and whether it’s accurate or not. Have a great week!

Moon Orbiting Earth

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  1. Belated April Fools my friends! Better late than never! ♥

  2. Well Im 15 Dayss late but hope you had a great Day!.... And you made someone's Day an April Fool...

    Take Care Bekkie... Keep Laughing and that sense of Humour going xx

  3. You shilly slit!! Bwahaha! Map is hilarious.


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