Friday, April 8

To My Longtime Friends


I sincerely appreciate all of your thoughtful comments and/or signing of my Guestbook. I thank you for being good online friends. I’m so happy that our friendships have survived moving from our old Spaces to this new, much better place. Whether it be Blogger or Word Press, some of us have known each other online for a really long time now and my new friends and Followers have been delightful!


It’s not easy finding time to get online with everything that’s happening in our private lives and the state of our world right now. I have been insanely busy lately and on top of that my new smart phone (which I finally got all set up) dumped all of my contacts on me. All that info I rely on has to be put back in and the timing sucks but it has to be done. Such is life! Makes me question relying on my cell so much but it’s just such an awesome fun tool. Tee hee!


You, my online friends stay close to my heart none-the-less. I think about you quite a bit and am lucky to have you. If my spirits are down I can always find something; a message, a comment, an email, something you do to cheer me up and I love you for it. I just feel like people don’t tell each other enough or even at all about how much they mean to each other until it’s too late. Those little things that make you smile. Special things, like the weekend! TGIF and have a weekend full of wonderful things my friends! Bless you!

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  1. You my Dear.. are so sweet! I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends and I like to consider myself lucky because I am surrounded by angels, and I call them my blogging friends.
    You are certainly one!!


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