Friday, April 22

I Come In Peace

Photographer Norbert Rosing was sure he was going to see his beloved sled dogs slaughtered when a lone Polar Bear wandered into his camp in the wilds of Canada’s Hudson Bay.


As soon as he saw the Polar Bear coming he got his camera out to catch these striking images of the wild Polar Bear coming upon his tethered sled dogs. The dogs were ready for a fight to the death.


Rosing was shocked when he realized the bear seemed a little lonely. The lead dog came forward. After testing each other…


and exchanging smells…


They erupted into playfulness!


It’s hard to believe the Polar Bear just wanted a hug!


The Polar Bear came back every day for a week to play with his dogs until they left the area.

This was originally sent to me as an email but it was so moving I thought I’d blog on it! These bears are an endangered species with all the ice melting from Global Warming but lately they have been making a comeback! Let’s hope they make it they are beautiful intelligent animals and this just proves it! I just love this!

Time to wish you a nice weekend, get out there and enjoy our Spring weather if you can.

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  1. What a refreshing and very uplifting entry! Bravo! I too was expecting something much more on the ‘oh noooo…’ level. We can learn so much from nature and others in the ‘animal kingdom’. This is just yet more proof that almost any differences can be set aside and friendships created if we just open ourselves up to practicing tolerance and acceptance.
    The mighty polar bear… long live this species! Brilliant photos, they speak for themselves.

  2. –éHola!

    Claro. Y con esto me he encontrado. Podemos comunicarse a este tema.


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