Friday, April 22

Earth Day!


Today is Earth Day and I got so busy I almost forgot about it. When I saw it on the calendar I couldn’t believe I could almost forgot such an important day in my life! Every year I try to celebrate Earth Day and through the years I’ve done it in many different ways. I usually pick something to illustrate the plight of what we are doing to our planet. Then I write about it.

With the March 11th, 8.9 magnitude earthquake and following Tsunami in Japan I’m not sure where we stand right now. How can anyone really?

Do you feel that Japan and more importantly our government are really dealing with what is going on over there? How do you know at this moment that you are not eating, breathing or somehow ingesting radiation as I speak?

When this tragedy happened you could turn on about any channel on TV and see the horror as it was unfolding. Now, things seem very hushed up. All we are being told is radiation levels are within normal parameters here in California (we would be one of the first) and not to worry they will keep monitoring the situation and let us know about any changes. I doubt it.

Do you believe that our government would tell us if they did find find high enough radiation levels or would they be afraid of what might ensue? Of course they should be afraid. I don’t believe they would tell us until it was too late and people were actually getting sick. Many of you might agree or not but even our Spring rain is suspect to me.

If I sound paranoid well why not? People act like it’s all over with but there have been 3 more after shocks over 6.0 just this month. Those nuclear reactors are in very bad shape and we are in deep shit if you think they have even one under control! Japan had plans on building at least 12 more nuclear plants! Twelve! At least that is not happening any time in the near future.

My wish for this Earth Day is that we and other countries STOP all use of nuclear power plants. We don’t need them! We have plenty of sun, wind, water and other new reasonable technologies to stop this insanity and get rid of nuclear plants and fossil fuels forever!

It’s our fault people. We are selfish and will not give up our toys or comfort for anything! We sit and complain but don’t life a finger to help. We are lazy and won’t bend to pick up one piece of trash from the ground. We let others fight our fights for us so we can be complacent.

Our government is an uncontrollable mess, won’t pass the right bills and takes fists full of money for themselves and their special interest groups. They receive their kickbacks and their laws allow for more pollution to our planet.

Blame what or whom you wish, we have the means and the numbers to say no to nuclear power and the rest of this bullshit! We can’t survive a planet with nuclear waste all around us. Saying that nuclear power is “clean energy” is like saying drilling for oil in the oceans is safe. It’s ludicrous!

Just one of many problems to consider on Earth Day this year folks. I want to be clear that I’m protesting on Earth Day because radiation is invisible, lethal, unstable and I want this form of dangerous energy gone! If we quit relying on gas too we’d have money for all kinds of  clean energy programs. Consider and learn about the possibilities and do your part!

“One billion people in 175 countries will mark Earth Day. That puts tea parties in perspective, doesn't it?” Greg Working

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