Sunday, April 3

Walk All Over You

It’s Spring again and time to show off the cool new foot fashions for the upcoming hot season! These are some incredible, unusual shoe designs and each pair is it’s own piece of art. You must give credit to the designers of these shoes for their vivid imaginations and wild ideas. As Nancy Sinatra once wrote; “And one of the these days these boots are gonna walk all over you! “  

dare-to-wear01 dare-to-wear05 dare-to-wear06 dare-to-wear14 dare-to-wear23 dare-to-wear03 dare-to-wear07 dare-to-wear04 dare-to-wear08 dare-to-wear09 dare-to-wear10 dare-to-wear11 dare-to-wear12 dare-to-wear13 dare-to-wear16 dare-to-wear17 dare-to-wear15 dare-to-wear20 dare-to-wear21 dare-to-wear22 dare-to-wear19

Pretty silly but such fun to look at what other people come up with when given one subject, such as ‘shoes.’ Which one is your favorite pair?

High Heel Keep On Bloggin’!

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