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Handling Images With Windows Live Writer

On Blogger, Word Press and other Internet blogging accounts you must use html code to install applications, use animated gifs and install regular pictures even when putting a picture in your email to send to a friend. You just don’t always see that code. With the Windows Live Writer you don't need to have programs like Photobucket to get your html code for an image anymore and you can re-size all your images easily. 

If you're not yet familiar with using the free WLW to write and publish your blogs you don't know how easy and professional your blogs can look. By learning to write and post your blogs with this editor you can publish your blogs anyway you like.
Today I want to explain to you how to use WLW to resize images and gifs. Also how to get html code for all your publishing needs. This is just one of the features of WLW that I find very convenient and I think you will too! 
Before I start out I want to say that WLW is a wonderful tool no matter who you blog with. The beauty of it is that it's useable with any account and you can even have more than one account on it and switch between them. You will see exactly how your blogs will look when published before you post them and are able to publish them when finished with one mouse click. Also if you update your website WLW can remember and use your new website features. 
First we will deal with sizing images. Say that you have an html box on Blogger that you want to put a gif into. You put the html code into your box but it isn't the right size or the image isn't centered in the box after you save it and you don’t write html code. This is what you do:

1. Bring up WLW or install it if you haven't done so yet.

2. The menu you use is at the very top, At the bottom of the screen you will see three words, Edit, Preview and Source. You will be switching between Edit and Source.

3. To view html click on Source and to view your post normally press Edit. Don’t worry about the Preview label, you will already be previewing with Edit.

4. Copy the code of the image you wish to resize and on WLW click on Source and paste it in.

5. Click on edit and you will see your image just as you would on your website.

6. If you wish to center your image highlight it normally or click on it until you see the dots around the image. Using the top menu click on Picture Tools, then pick the icon that depicts centering the picture. Your image will be centered.

7. Click on the center of your image if you want to re-size it. You will see dots around the outside of the image and WLW will show you the tab that says Picture Tools again. To the far left will show your pictures current size in width and height. Highlight and change these numbers to whatever size you’re looking for.

8. You may pick the size that best fits your needs or size it yourself by clicking on the lower, right hand side corner dot on your image and dragging your mouse downward and out until the image is the right size.

9. Click your mouse elsewhere to take the focus off (make the dots go away) of your image or the size will not stay stable.

10. All images will not look good at certain sizes. Use your own judgment when sizing your image.

11. To get the code to put in your html box now that you have resized and centered it go to the bottom left hand corner of the screen and press source.

12. Now copy the code that is there and paste it into your html box on your website and save it. You will now have it the right size and it will be centered. You won’t have to worry about centering it on your website because it will already be in the code from WLW.

Very nice huh? You can not only do this with any image but say you don't have the html code for an image. This is what you do:

1. Copy and paste your image into WLW in edit mode. (Normal mode.)

2. Either size it as described above, center it, or use it as is.

3. When you are satisfied, use the lower left hand menu and click on source.

4. Copy the full code you see there.

5. Paste and use the code in the html box or wherever you want to use it.

See just how easy it can be? Of course WLW has a lot of other perks that make online life easy but this is a fine start and I'll touch on some of the other cool functions it has to offer at another time. Once you use WLW to write and publish your posts, pictures will stay where you put them and your posts will look crisp and clear. Your images will be the right size and your website will look very professional.
Any questions on this subject just leave them in comments and I'll be very happy to answer you.
I don’t get any money from pushing WLW but I’ve used it for over 10 years and it’s served me well. Also, there’s not a lot of good editors out there as far as I’m concerned. And don’t forget that WLW already shows you what your post will look like published including your website’s colors and the size of your post when on your website. And once you have it all set up you can write all your posts on it and push publish and it automatically pastes it on your website. 
In the mean time, have fun with your online endeavors! Remember when working online the right tools can be your best friend and get your site noticed. Get to know the tools that will help you save time and get your message across in the manner you want to convey it in.
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