Tuesday, March 8

Strange Happenings And Hard Times

We are living in strange times these days and it isn't helping that we have less and less control over what effects our lives. And then there’s money. Can you ever have enough? It's a hard world we live in now.

We are suppose to have more rights then ever and although that sounds good when we try and use these rights we find out that it's either impossible or it includes getting a lawyer to help us and between the laws and the lawyer's fees it's just an impossible task. So as it turns out we don't really have these rights because we can't afford (or figure out how)  to obtain these rights. So what good are they?

Just yesterday my roommate who works for Sony (PlayStation Division) called me and told me that several people (including his boss that had worked there for 10+ years) were laid off and had security escort them out of the building. It was a shock for him, but it's sad because his boss had told him about a month ago that his family had given up cable TV and Internet access  because they couldn't meet their bills then. How sad is that?

Of course we're glad James still has his job but I can't help but feel bad for his boss and the other people who need to make a living just like all of us do. There is a company meeting this morning to explain to the rest of the employees why this had to be done and what's to happen in the future. I'm sure things are fine for James and the rest of them so that's a good thing.

This isn’t lay-offs like in the 90’s so that’s why it seems so shocking to me. It feels strange when your boss loses his job and he’s above you in rank at work yet you still have your job. Maybe Sony was too boss heavy and the powers to be decided to cut there loses and have fewer of them.  

So many things are happening that are out of our control and how do we deal with them? It's not an easy question to answer, is it? I know many of you are having problems (just like us all) and are struggling to figure out just how to set things right.
Everyone wants the good things in life. I know I have always wanted a home or land of my own, but at this rate I never will have it unless I can win the lottery or something spectacular like that. It's not likely to happen, but I'm OK with it because I am getting so much out of life that I want already like my car, cats, a place to live, a room mate and friends that care about me. I may not be a rich or well-to-do person but I find I have enough. Most of the time I am a happy fulfilled person. And what more can one ask for in these strange times?


These times are hard to understand and deal with! Maybe someday the economy will straighten out again and things will get back to normal, whatever that is....tee hee!  My wish is that for everyone the economy will get better not just the well-to-do people; EVERYONE! We all deserve a clean place to live, plenty to eat, time spent with family and friends, time out for hobbies and all in all a reasonable life. Who's with me?


Something's very wrong when you put decades into a job and you depend on that job for everything in your life. You and your family's very existence. Then one day without a clue your job is gone. Sure you have Unemployment payments but for how long? Everyone knows how long finding another job can take if you can find one at all, if you are lucky enough to do so and will this next job pay as much because most of the time I see friends of mine taking a lesser job which means a pay cut. To deal with this and rising costs on top of everything else it's no wonder that the crime rate is so high.
Look at all of the people being diagnosed with different mental problems due to dealing with these times we live in now! There are new syndromes being discovered every day like hoarding and other diseases. These are people trying to cope with the stresses of loss of control. These strange and very hard times.
Yes, I could be in a lot better shape and I may be in worse shape come mid April, Lol!. (I am speaking financially now, tee hee!)  But I won't sell my car (it's great on gas) and no one said disability was going to be easy. I got a parking plague too, oh yeah!
Spring is coming! I can't wait for Spring it's always been my favorite time of the year. Renewal; we all need some renewal it feeds the soul. Times may be hard, but always count your blessings; my beloved Grandma always told me that.
May God bless and keep you and yours safe and sound during these strange and hard times. Let's pray for better things to come and pray for a future we can all be proud of.


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