Thursday, March 17

An Ohio Woman Attempts Bank Robbery And Eats Her Words

Authorities in Columbus Ohio stated that a woman tried to rob a bank with a note and after noticing a uniformed officer in the line behind her attempted to eat it. FBI Special Agent Harry Trombitas said the woman wearing sunglasses handed the teller the note at a Chase bank branch Wednesday morning.

Trombitas stated that the off-duty officer wasn't aware of what was going on, but when the woman noticed him, she grabbed the note and fled.

Outside, the officer arrested the 40 year old Columbus woman, Lois Harvey. Trombitas said she tried to eat the note as she was nabbed, but couldn't swallow it down and ended up coughing it back up onto the sidewalk.

Harvey remained jailed Thursday after a judge set bond at $250,085. Court records do not list her attorney as of yet.
  40 Year Old Lois Harvey-OMG-What A Face!
What was really funny was the comments left about the story on the Yahoo News page! Here's some of the good ones:
1. Sassy Redhead- She should learn to swallow.
2. Hugh-She's only 40? She tried to swallow the note because it appears that she has no teeth. She really is a bad product of her environment.
3. Wyatt-Holy crap she's 40 going on 70! I wager she's on meth.
4. No Name-She didn't notice the policeman in line behind her? What an idiot! She looks like hell, maybe the money was for a makeover...
5. Rose Edwards-Take smaller bits next time, live and learn.
6. Thrilla from Wasilla-Stoopid White trash quasi-human tricks.
7. Maggie-All I can say is DAMN that is 1 ugly, crazy woman.
8. The Voice Of Reason-My mom always said, look both ways before you cross the street, and look behind you before you rob a bank. Thanks mom!
9. 1nomad-Hell, I'd pay her just to go away. She is quite beastly.
10. Katie-That gives a new meaning to the phrase; "Put your money where your mouth is."
11. Indy-Woman attempts robbery, tries to eat note...why not? It looks like she's eaten everything else.
12. Chuck-No headaches!
13. David-She looks like she came from the shallow end of the gene pool.
14. Redwingfreddy-Mom!!??
15. Kono-She needed the money for home improvements her house has a flat tire, or maybe she wanted to go to the dentist to get her tooth cleaned.
16. Erica-What an ugly man.....wait she's a women huh? LOL! Oopps and yea on a good one (meth or crack?)
17. Spencer-She tried to rob the bank with a note? Did she eat the gun too?
My comment: The poor woman must of used up her last good brain cell trying to rob the bank so she didn't notice the cop in his uniform behind her until it was too late. I guess when you decide to rob a bank your common sense goes on vacation, your reasoning goes with it and your bad judgement goes on overtime.

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It never surprises me at what people come up with doing and how little they think about it these days. Weekend's almost here friends!

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