Friday, March 4

National Day Of Unplugging

Based on a Jewish holiday there are people persuading us to be unplugged and I'm not talking about MTV. It's being called a National Day Of Unplugging and it runs from sundown on the 4th to sundown on the 5th I doubt that even the people involved in it's planning will be able to do it.
What A Loser 
This experiment (as it's being referred to) is the idea of Reboot, a nonprofit think tank of hip, media-savvy Jewish professionals based in New York, with staff members in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Founded in 2003 it's members include television executives, Web developers, writers, filmmakers and CEO's. People who would have a most difficult time unplugging.

 Computer Crash

 The idea is to bring your offline family and friends together for a whole day of old fashioned togetherness. No cheating allowed! Organizers hope the day of unplugging will draw attention to Reboot’s Sabbath Manifesto: a set of 10 'core principles' introduced earlier this year to guide Jewish tradition-seekers in ways that are meaningful in an information-driven world. The Manifesto offers instructions like “avoid technology,” “find silence,” "light candles" and “drink wine.”


 Do you think for one day you could give up your smart phones, computers, TVs, video games, stereos and any other forms of plugged in enjoyment that you use everyday? For instance, are batteries allowed? If you need to go shopping, what if they don't take cash?

All joshing aside, I may not be Jewish but if I sat in my clothes closet with a lit candle and a big enough bottle of wine I could most certainly do it! Depending on the wine, probably for more than one day! Lol! Care to join me for the National Day Of Unplugging?

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