Wednesday, March 16

My First Blog On Windows Live Spaces


This was my very first blog on Windows Live! I updated it a little but I wanted to keep ole’ number one.

So today I drove around San Francisco and with all the hills the sun would pop out and then it would rain. Then it would start over again. The weather was warm and there were some awesome rainbows! It was a good day! San Francisco is a beautiful city and it was a great day for site seeing even for some one who lives here. In my photo section I have pictures of the city that I have taken-check them out. (Those photos are in my SF album now. Check them out.)


I can't believe it's March 20th, 2001 already! It won't be long before Spring, one of my favorite seasons and I can't wait!
This is my apartment building in SF, I'm between the corner of Bush and Sutter on Leavenworth. It's at the center of the picture.
I like to watch TV if it's good and I love watching CSI. Did you see the Sopranos? I'm addicted to that show! Well, maybe not "addicted" but I like it! I am addicted to Japanese Anime but I'm picky about which ones. Anyone out there into anime or Adult Swim? If so, which ones do you like?
You may be interested in some of my photo albums I have on my website about Japanese Anime. Check them out. I like Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Shamploo, Tri-Gun and Ghost In The Shell to name a few. Being an artist is why I watch them for real though. Japanese Anime art is so wonderful; the beauty of it....not like kids cartoons.
I love to send and receive email and I'm not shy LOL! I have a web cam too and have been looking for someone to cam with. If you like it too and like to exchange funny videos and such say Hi! I'm just feeling good since I had a good day don't mind me!
I need to blog some more stories soon. This is fun!
We have these windmills in my area of CA. They are NOT radio active either!
Why we don't have solar power on every roof top and electric cars for everyone by now, it’s just plain insanity!
I am amazed at how much I have ended up putting into my Windows Live Space, I mean, Wow! I have had it set up 4 different ways now, and today I hope I have dragged my site into looking a little more professional, artistic and colorful! I am thrilled that my site has let me write and create freely while I stumble to write my first book.
I also need to get photos published, keep on networking (my dear friends), make some more Art, and take more pictures. It's a vicious circle that I love! LOL!
Now it's March 16th, 2011 and I'm at Blogger with my own BlogSpot that I like better than I ever did my Space with Windows Live. At first I was unhappy about their changes but now I'm glad because it made me find an even better web site and I'm having a much richer blogging experience. I'm meeting some really interesting great people and am still keeping in touch with my best older Network friends.
What more could one want? I'm very happy here. Also I moved to my new apartment here in San Mateo last May so soon I'll have lived here a year already! Time sure flies just like all the years I've blogged already online!
And no, I haven't finished my book yet. Bad girl I am, I hope some day! 
So even thought this is the first blog I ever wrote I just had to keep it to remind me of how long I've been doing this. How bad my first blogs were and how far my writing has come.
How long have some of you been blogging? Oh, and I still haven't got tired of it all.     

Tree Of All SeasonsKeep On Bloggin'!

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  1. It is never too late to learn.


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