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Known Issues With Leaving Comments On Blogger

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When I first started my account on Blogger in January 2011 I was having no problems whatsoever with my account even though my BlogSpot is made with the Advanced Blogger Template Designer, everything worked very well. I needed to move fast to get as many blogs as I wanted to save from my Windows Live account since they have shut down and are in the process of removing our old blogging area called Spaces. That is why in such a short time I packed so many blogs on this account.

I even wrote some new ones because when it comes to blogging I can’t stop! Lol! I was just starting to read my other friend’s accounts here and leaving comments when all of a sudden I noticed my comments were missing. Even on the accounts where you OK the comments before they are put on your BlogSpot I noticed I wasn’t getting the message that said my comment will be put on the account later if it’s OKed by the owner of the account.

On other accounts I didn’t see my comment show up and the comment counter stayed at zero (or whatever it was on.)  I asked around and no one had any answers as to if they were getting my comments or not, but when I’d go back to their BlogSpot I saw none of my comments.

I started leaving answers to the comments from other people on my account thinking if the person got an email about the comment they could still read it off of my BlogSpot. I couldn’t really tell if it was working since my account here is so new I don’t have as many readers as I did at Windows Live yet. People are still getting used to my move to Blogger (instead of Word Press where Windows Live was sending everyone.)

I was thinking it may have been something I did until I started reading the Forums here about problems leaving comments. I am thinking even tho most of these threads were saying the problems were fixed I was realizing that some of these sounded exactly what I was experiencing.

Sorry if I am not leaving comments on your accounts my friends even if I’m reading your great blogs. I’d appreciate it if any of you (my followers) reading this would comment on whether you have received a comment from me lately or not. I found no quick easy fix for this especially with all of us using different settings when it comes to leaving comments.

On my account it’s wide open so anyone can leave a comment without even going through the letter test (to make sure you are human) and I’ve been leaving comments for you here on my BlogSpot for now. Check out some of these errors about failing to leave comments. Even if they say they are fixed some of them are not in my opinion.

1. Some users are reporting errors when attempting to moderate comments on their blog. We're investigating this issue and will update this post when we have more info to share. Thanks for your patience.— latest update on Wednesday, December 02, 2009

2.Today, we became aware of a bug affecting Blogger's comment feature. Within four hours of identifying the bug, we began to roll out a fix to all users affected. We take Blogger issues very seriously, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. The bug has been fixed; if you're still experiencing problems, please post details in our Help Forum.— latest update on Friday, May 01, 2009

3. Some comment notification emails are not being sent. We are investigating this issue. Update, 12/6: This has been fixed.— latest update on Thursday, December 06, 2007

4. Blogger has removed the URL field for unauthenticated comments. Instead, we're rolling out support for Open ID, a technology for "signing" your comments with your own URL. Open ID lets you comment with the URL you want, while preventing others from impersonating you. Blog admins can turn on Open ID now on Blogger in Draft. Learn more.— latest update on Monday, December 03, 2007

5. Comment moderation email appears broken and without formatting in many email clients. Until this is fixed, the Approve and Reject URLs should be visible at the very bottom in the literal HTML. You can also moderate comments by going to the Posting > Moderate Comments tab in the Blogger interface. Update, 9/18: This has been fixed.— latest update on Sunday, September 16, 2007

6. If a blog has comment moderation enabled and receives multiple comments in the same minute to different posts, some of those comments will not appear in the comment moderation list, though they will be counted on the Dashboard as needing moderation. These comments will also not appear on the blog. The comments have not been lost, and we will be fixing this in the near term to prevent it from happening again. At that time we will also recover the past missing comments so that they can be moderated.— latest update on Wednesday, February 28, 2007

7. Comment feeds are not updating correctly for blogs with many comments. The feeds instead only show the earliest comments. A temporary workaround is to add pagination query parameters to the feeds to get the latest comments. Update, 3/4: This has been fixed. Comment feeds should now show the recent comments for a blog or post, regardless of how many total comments the blog has.— latest update on Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Are you yourself having any problems with leaving comments on a followers page, no matter how they handle them? I’d really appreciate it if anyone reading this has any ideas to what is going on and what might help. I already let Blogger know about my problem but there where a lot more threads where these came from. Hope it was a nice weekend for you!

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  1. Hi Bekkie, I will try & leave a message for you, I was reading about all the problems going on here & yes I have been unable to apply blogs on my site last week. Seems to be working although it is slow. love you hugs


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