Wednesday, March 30

Bring Alice To Life-From The American McGee's Alice Video Game

A friend of mine who liked my web site and the American McGee’s Alice video game made me this and it’s very good. She did this all herself and has a lovely voice! She also put a lot of great screen images from the game into this video. She did an excellent job making it and I was amazed at how good it is to watch so I had to share it with you. I love the song she uses for the video and she does an awesome job singing it. She also uploaded it on YouTube, it’s by ladystormannie on Aug 26, 2009. Follow her link to hear more of her singing on YouTube.


She put her picture at the end of the video so you can see who did it. All I have to say is; “Thank you and I hope you are doing really well! If you see this say hello will you? It’s been awhile since we have been in contact and I would like to know how you are doing since Windows Live got rid of our blog sites. I wish you well my thoughtful friend! Big hugs!”


Ladystormannie also used the song I love that Evanescence did called “Bring Me To Life.” She sings the girl’s part and does a fine job of it! She calls this take-off of the song, “Bring Alice To Life” which is very fitting as the video game is full of cool puzzles and violence in a very warped Wonderland.


American McGee's Alice Keep On Bloggin’!


  1. Loved this Video Bekkie, and the song she chose too... I hope you can get in touch again... Dreamwalker :-)... Have a good weekend

    1. Hey Dreamwalker, we were never out of touch! I do think about you. I'll have to see how you're doing since it's now 2012. Luv, Bekkie


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