Thursday, February 24

Recipe For A Good Week

-Recipe 4 A Good Week-
Hello, hello!
Get A running start 4 Monday
Meet no obstacles 4 Tuesday
Enjoy the week being half over 4 Wednesday
Remain stress free 4 Thursday
Have a great big smile of relief 4 Friday
Enjoy friends, family and fun 4 Saturday
Rest and relax 4 Sunday
Repeat as needed 4 every week
4 It will make you happy and healthy for the rest of your life!
Try hard to have the best week every week! Of course it always starts with one day at a time! I hope you have the best day ever and may you find the happiness and good life that you seek and deserve!
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  1. and the one to look forward to most...TGIF :)
    Have a great new week Bekkie


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