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Valentine's Day Origami Heart

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Origami may look hard at first, but if you follow the directions step by step you will surprise yourself at what you can make out of a simple square of paper. I taught myself by reading a book and it’s fun and relaxing. We are going to make a paper heart for Valentines Day that can contain a secret Valentines message if you wish.


Paper folding had become a popular children’s pastime in Victorian England. John Tenniel’s famous illustrations for Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll feature two simple paper hats. One a sort of pillbox worn by the Carpenter and a three-cornered hat (folded like a traditional boat) worn by the man dressed in white paper in the railway carriage. These hats are typical examples of the type of origami popular in the West, where, until recent years it has been practiced mostly by children and has not been revered as an art; as in Japan.


Valentines Day is drawing close, make one of these for the one you love. They will appreciate something you made more than a gift you buy.


How to fold an origami heart:
Difficulty, easy.
1. Take a letter size piece of paper (8 by 11 inches, any color) and write your note or poem on it. Fold the right top corner down to the left, matching edges.
2. Unfold the top right corner and repeat this step with the left top corner. You have now made an x in the creases.
3. Unfold the left corner and fold the top half of the x backwards. Unfold again, and then push back the center point of the x.
4. Take the two ends of the horizontal crease and bring them together underneath the top half of the x.
5. Fold up the bottom of the paper so that it hits the bottom of the x. Now fold up the two bottom points of the triangle to meet the top point of the triangle.
6. Bring the two sides of the bottom in to meet each other. Then flip it over and fold down the top point halfway.
7. Fold up and tuck in the two bottom corners. Finally fold down and tuck in the top two corners. That’s it!
When you are done it should look like this. By pulling on the edges the heart (note) should open up.
Folding an origami heart like this is a very popular way to fold a regular letter. This easy trick can add a flare of romance to any letters you want to give to someone. Make your next letter special.

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