Sunday, February 20

Famous Last Words

No matter how long we live, we must all die at some point in our lives. Since I had my brush with death I have often thought about what would be on my mind when my time comes and what (if anything) I'd have a chance to think or say about it.
As I was thinking about last words I decided to do the next best thing and do a search for some last words from famous people to see what they had to say about death and dying.

1."And now in keeping with Channel 40's policy of always bringing you the latest in blood and guts in living color; you're about to see another first--an attempted suicide." Chris Hubbock, who shot herself during a live broadcast.

2."What we know is not much. What we don't know is enormous."---Pierre Simon de Laplace, French Astronomer.

3."Give back everything to...."---Peter The Great, Tsar Of Russia.

4."Why not, why not, why not.Why not?" and "Yeah."---Timothy Leary.

5."Goodbye. I am leaving because I am bored."---George Saunders.

6."Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius; will you remember to pay the debt?"---Socrates.

7."Don't disarrange my circles!"---Archimedes.

8."Why yes, a bulletproof vest."---James Rodges, murderer, on his final request before the firing squad.

9."Go away...I'm alright."---H. G. Wells. (Probably would be MY last words because when I'm in trouble I always end up saying it. Lol!)

10."I must go in...the fog is rising."---Emily Dickinson.

11."Now comes the mystery."---Henry Ward Beecher.

12."Friends applaud, the comedy is over."---Ludwig von Beethoven.

13."Drink to me."---Pablo Picasso.

14."And now, I am dying beyond my means."---Oscar Wilde, sipping champagne on his deathbed.

15."Show my head to the people it is worth seeing."---Georges Danton, to his executioner.

16."Don't worry! It's not loaded."---Terry Kath rock musician playing Russian roulette.

17."Where did all these damn Indians come from?"---General Custer.

18."Such is life."---Ned Kelly.

19."We are born crying, live complaining and die disappointed."---The Optimist.

20."Go on, get out. Last words are for fools who haven't said enough."---Karl Marx.

21."I had a lovers quarrel with the world."---Robert Frost.

22."I'm too young to die!"---A grandfather, age 94.

23."My work here is done, why wait?"---Eastman's (founder of Kodak) last words before he killed himself.

24."Dying is easy...comedy is hard."---Marcel Marceau.

25."The rest is silence."---Shakespeare.

26."I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring."---Richard Feynman.

27."So are you a cannibal?"---Priyanka Bomb.

28."More light!"---Goethe.

29."What is the answer?...(Silence.)...In that case, what is the question?"---Gertrude Stein.

30."God will pardon me, it's his trade."---Heinrich Heine.

31."Waiting are they? Well let 'em wait!"---General Mad Anthony Wayne, when told by doctors the angels were waiting for him.

32."I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man."---Che Guevara, facing his assassin. 

33."I wonder why he shot me?"---Huey P. Long, governor in Louisiana who was murdered.

34."Nothing but death."---Jane Austin when asked by her sister if there was anything she wanted.

35."Codeine...bourbon."---Tallulah Bankhead.

36."I can't sleep."---James M. Barrie.

37."Now I shall go to sleep. Goodnight."---Lord George Byron.

38."Beautiful."---Elizabeth Browning when her husband asked her how she felt.

39."I'm bored with it all."---Winston Churchill.

40."I am not the least afraid to die."---Charles Darwin.

41."I've never felt better."---Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

42."I've had a hell of a lot of fun and I've enjoyed ever minute of it."---Errol Flynn.

43."A dying man can do nothing easy."---Benjamin Franklin.

44."I have a terrific headache."---Franklin Roosevelt, before dying of a cerebral hemorrhage.

45."It is very beautiful over there."---Thomas Edison.

46."All my possessions for a moment of time."---Queen Elizabeth One, of England.

47."Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit."---Jesus Christ.

Whether real or written in history isn't it amazing what is on someone's mind and comes out of people's mouths when they are at death's door! I never really thought about it before doing the research for writing this blog. It turned out to be an eye opener in a lot of ways and if anything it's important to remember that BEFORE we are ready to die you better have lived all you can. Get every last tasty bit of life before it's our turn.

Remember, none of us are born with an expiration date stamped on us!

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