Saturday, February 5

I Know Where You Live And What You're Doing

If you notice, the sign is telling you where you live. How’s the weather there? Each person will see his or her own information. The same with the IP address, etc. Cool huh?
This is an app from if you’re interested in getting these for your website. You can also customize them the way you want and they’re free because they have the advertising tag on them. (Yes, I tried to remove it, but in this case when I did the whole thing disappeared. Tee hee!) You can also pick what they say on them. (I put the; “Didn’t I tell you I’m psychic?” on mine.)
These are called Privacy Hacker Blog Widgets. They embed with html so they will work just about anywhere that takes html.
There is no hacking happening and this information is not recorded anywhere else so it’s harmless fun. Try it out sometime and let me know if you like it. You can find a link for this on my site under Web Wonders or just do a search on
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