Wednesday, October 27

Extreme Pumpkin Carving

When I was a child pumpkin carving was...child's play. Using a kitchen knife and spreading newspaper on the table it was a pretty simple operation. The main thing was to not cut yourself. This yielded pumpkins that were similar and not very different looking. Also orange was about the only color to be had because now pumpkins come in all colors, shapes and patterns.

Pumpkin’s can now be cut and shaped with some the best tools we have and these kits can be bought at the drug, grocery store or toy stores. They come with instructions and are very easy to use because I got myself a kit and tried them. I made some beautiful pumpkins in no time that looked like an expert made them. 

This is how the pumpkin kits work. It shows the process of how it's done. The pattern is put on the pumpkin and the holes are punched on the skin to follow your pattern. When that's done, take the paper pattern off and start to carve. When finished, put a candle in and light it up so everyone see what it looks like now that it's finished. Here's an example of some nice pumpkins, enjoy!

I have used the kits myself and the outlook is very professional!

Here's a method where carving, using craft items, inserting gourds or other vegetables into pumpkins make some really cool Halloween settings.


 What cool pumpkins, how clever!

These pumpkins are works of art that only extreme pumpkin carving can produce! Carving pumpkins like these aren't easy, try it next Halloween. Way to go to the artists that did the work on all the videos! Each video has a diverse way that the artist did the pumpkins. Can you tell how they were done?

Here's a few more great examples of the way Halloween fans celebrate the only holiday where you can be anyone but yourself. I find that tons of fun! Enjoy the rest of the extreme pumpkins and if you want to see more go to Youtube they have plenty!  


These are unique!


Isn't extreme pumpkin carving the most? The rules are that there are no rules just like extreme sports! However you do it let your fantasies loose and have a Happy Halloween!

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