Tuesday, May 4

Robots Creepy & Cool

Robots are becoming a reality and there are many different kinds with varied functions. It's truly amazing how they work and the things they are doing with them. Let's take a fun look at some of the robots that are being manufactured, they are really cool although some of them are down right creepy. I'll let you decide for yourself as you watch these video's from YouTube as to how you feel about them.

Akiba Robot Festival-2006: Actroid Female Robot

A performance artist from Japan has built a weird crawling robot that looks like an elderly businessman.

Creepy Child Robot

Robot With A Mind Of It’s Own

A Robot Housekeeper

QRIO (Sony Killed This Robot)

Robot Fish

I love robots and although these aren’t very sophisticated Robots are getting more complicated and are doing more jobs everyday. I can’t wait until I can have my own robot in my home.
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