Wednesday, May 19

Fun With Gadgets From aBowman

These gadgets come in black and white. Before you embed them on your site, click on edit and color them anyway you want with the menu. You can also change how many balls, etc. Then get the embed code and put it in a blog, on your phone, or your web site.

Here is the one I did compared to the default one above. I added more balls and colored it. Click on the speaker icon to hear the balls clack together otherwise just push the balls around with your mouse.


I love this one! I used to have one of these clocks years ago and I miss it. I find these ‘ball clocks’ to be awesome! Unfortunately I lost some balls for it and haven’t found one to buy since then. The bottom is the hours, the middle and the top are minutes. Read it from the bottom up. Say the bottom ball was on 6, the middle ball 25 and top on 2. That would be 6:27. At 1 o’ clock watch all the balls get dumped to start over!

This hamster (as with the other animals) is so darn cute! He’s taking a nap right now. To get him on the wheel tap the middle of it. Most of these gadgets work by using your mouse and double clicking to feed or react with objects.

The fish like to be fed and will ripple the top of the water.

This guy really IS your best friend and you can teach him tricks!

This clock can chime and I set it to chime every quarter hour and on the hour. Love the chimes and the ticking sound it’s comforting. My grandparents had an old clock just like this! This was suppose to have black background and it’s not showing up. I can live with that. Sometimes a gadget has some rough spots. If that happens and you don’t like it I’d find another gadget to take it’s place.

Don’t ask me why, but I like this. It’s mostly eye candy but put your mouse in there and check it out. No need to double click here.

These guys just look funny and follow your mouse around but they are just SO CUTE!

These guys have water and beach to play on. BTW do you remember they used to sell turtles, fish and little lizards at Walgreens? The lizards came with a string leash to put around their necks so you could tie it on your shirt button and wear them. I’m glad those practices went away! Double click to feed these guys..

All these were colored by me and you can get these and others at by setting up a free account.

The clock on here just chimed 3 o’clock. It sounds beautiful!

For any other cool web sites that have gadgets and applications take a look at my ‘Web Wonderland’ list of free sites to get gadgets and stuff at. Most of all have fun and be creative with it!

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