Friday, April 16

So You Sold Your Soul For A PS3, How Bout Some Basics?

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  • Manuals, let's face it, you have to read them and sooner is better than later. Here's a link to online manuals if needed:
  • Read all documentation that comes with the unit, don't miss that one important thing that keeps you from becoming a "Crazy Game Player" and staying online.
  • Hook your PS3 up to a reliable power source. The best power source being a plug in the wall of your home. To escape power surges and outages a UPS (uninterruptible power source) is well worth investing in and it will give you the extra time you need to shut your system down properly. No lost games!
  • You will need a modem/router to set up connection to the Sony Network. There are wired and wireless routers to choose from. Wired is always better but wireless is more convenient. (Wireless routers need to be reset at times so if you lose connection always reset your router first before you investigate further.) Use easy settings if they work for you and you may want to read your router instructions if you've never used one before.
  • Go online to create your PSN master account and choose your avatar. (You must be 18 years of age or older to do this.) If you are too young then have your parents do this part. There is a good video on this you could watch first at: Just remember to answer all questions with accurate, current information. Write down your information somewhere safe where you can find it again when you need it. Guard these with your life and don't lose or share them!
  • Keep your email address in your possession throughout the life of the account and remember that happy game playing is secure game playing. You want to share a game with someone not your account details.
  • Remove credit card numbers if you have others using your account to prevent purchases or wallet finding that is unintentional or just plain stealing from you.
  • Charge up that headset and controllers (if they are wireless) then login and let the fun begin! Some units may need to install a patch when first connected. Let this occur uninterrupted.
  • Here is the main PlayStation website if you need anything else or want to buy something cool. Sign in with your email account and password (you know the drill.)

Game On You Crazy Game Players!

Bright Idea Keep On Bloggin'!

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