Friday, December 11

Windows Live Is Taking Our Spaces Away; Now What?


Yes it was a huge shock when WL removed our Guestbooks without hardly any word. It was one of the main areas where we could leave our personal postings for our good friends and of course html which allowed us to leave much more than just a personal note behind. Little did we know then that after licking our wounds over losing our Guestbooks that they would take away the one that made Windows Live different from all the other social networks, our personal spaces!

MSN is not putting their best foot forward in the fight for the future outcome of social networking. Being MSN they should be the strong leaders of an awesome social network by now! Instead they are just hanging in there doing their best invitation of Facebook which will make them the same as every other social network out there. Very boring indeed.

When you join a social network online do you want to join one just because everyone else is there or because you want to make it your own? After all a link is a link no matter where it's leading to. Yet the more I search for another network that has the content I want the bleaker it becomes.

We are in this turbulence of change at WL because MSN owns shares of Facebook and have tried to buy it out with no luck. So like all huge but small minded companies that make a load of money they are doing what they consider the next best thing. Becoming Facebook (so to speak.) I'm sure you noticed how our profiles became our social pages and all the other changes that are going on.

Without Spaces on WL what is left? A profile and Messenger and that’s not much of a social network at all.

This made me think about what I would like to have in a social network if I could design my own. Some of the things I'd like to have are:


  • A provider that gives us our own space to design using html boxes and applications.
  • We would have a section to keep up with friends and networking.
  • This space would be our home, our main page with our profile on it and from there we would have a menu to get to our email and such.
  • We already get email notifications for comments, etc. so I think the social part of the space could lighten up a little so there isn't so much repeating of information on it
  • Our blogs would be on our space, one at a time (the most recent first) and after that they would go in a blog achieve for reading later.
  • Our photo albums would be on the space in a photo section not on the main page like it is now and animated gifs would work without having to double click them. Images used in blogs would not be put in a photo album along with our other photos in albums for friends to view.
  • On our main account space we will be able to keep track of our network of friends by using the friends list and friends online would be color coded so we can tell what they're up to. 
  • If someone is available to chat a chat box will pop up so you can chat at any time without signing in to other areas or having to put up with Messenger.
  • Messenger is just an extra hassle we don't need there are many better alternatives out there for chatting while online. I’d like to have chatting with web cams be more popular.
  • When writing a blog or email for your social networking space it will bring up a nice word processor, (like Windows Live Writer) to write your blog or email with, and publish or send when finished. You could write blogs, email, or anything all on one word processor in one place.

Of course we know we are losing our Spaces real soon so all I can do is take my own suggestions and see what I can find. Facebook is not any of these things to me!

MSN has already done the deed and are implementing their changes as they see fit. They asked for our input on changes being made but my guess is that they didn’t care. If what we wanted really mattered this wouldn't be happening and by now they may have had the no. one social network out there. This is the beginning of the end for any chance of a social network for MSN and it’s damn sad.

I looked at what's to come after changing over to Word Press and although it's not the end of the world I am going to miss it very much. Most of all I will miss my network of friends whom like me, have had to scramble around to find other perches online. I already feel the strain of all of us splitting up and can only hope we all stay in touch.

What did I like best about my Space?

I liked my theme, gadgets, Guestbook and lists of my likes all of which I have worked very hard on since I opened this account in 2001. Not to mention my Globe Tracker, my live music at (which has given me free awesome music all these years on my space) my Alice In Wonderland art for my space, my link to 13 newspapers for the news everyday, Free Tarot Readings, A Private Message From Me To You, my moon phase chart, my Magic Fate Ball, (don't laff, I use it everyday) and so much more that I will lose that will change my online experience in the future.

Last but not least, the memories....I've been here a while.  Got any thoughts you might want to share about what you like or what you don't like about what's going on?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I'll probably see you on Word Press with my tail between my legs.    

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