Saturday, December 12

The End Of Spaces Is Near


Most of you have already abandoned your Spaces and moved to Word Press. I just can't bring myself to do it until the last minute. As it is I'm checking out other blogging accounts that have an area for my website where I can support applications, gadgets, animated gifs and other things that I must.

I have found that Google Blogger has great features that I want and may go with them. Also, I like their Gmail. I have an account with them now and it comes in handy for my new website on Blogger. It’s a tough choice but I need to find another home for Bekkie In Wonderland and fast.

During my move if you need to get ahold of me use my normal email at: Please, do not use Gmail I’m thinking of using that email account for something else. I have been noticing some people are sending me duplicate copies of email to my MSN account and sending the same email to my Gmail account. Thus you are filling my inboxes with a lot of crap. I have asked those contacts doing this to stop, if the people in question keep doing it I will block  you from my accounts. This is only a few people so if you haven't heard from me about this, then don't worry it's not you.

I'd like to hear from some of you just how much you like the Word Press blogging experience. Also, has anyone switched to a different blogging word processor besides Windows Live Writer and if so, which one and how do you like it?

A Shore History Of Our Spaces

Windows Live Spaces began as MSN Spaces and was launched in early December 2004 with the aim of allowing its users to reach out to others by publishing their thoughts, photos and interests in an easy and compelling way. With this goal, MSN Spaces finds itself competing with similar services like MySpace, Yahoo, Facebook and Google.

As well as allowing users to share their thoughts, photos and interests, MSN Spaces users were given over 100 varied themes and several different page layouts to choose from when designing their MSN Space. Users also had the option to set access rights for visitors to their MSN Space based on the relationship between them (e.g. Friends, Family etc.). Visitors were also granted when their contacts’ had updated their MSN Space.

On September 27, 2010, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue Windows Live Spaces and in partnership with Automattic, a free opt-in migration of user blogs to Word Press will be offered to Windows Live Spaces users. Beginning January 4, 2011, users were not able to make changes to Spaces, but contents were still viewable and downloadable. Windows Live Spaces was fully shut down on March 16, 2011.

I re-did my Space for the last time so I hope you enjoy it! I am going to miss it so much, I'm finding it hard to find another Internet Provider that offers something like our Spaces but Blogger looks good so that’s probably where I’ll go. The website templates look really nice.

I want to thank my Network friends for following my Space and for all your comments and postings, etc. I already miss your Spaces, for those of you who have switched already.

Now it's harder to make new friends online because we have all scattered to the corners of the Internet. Windows Live has finally taken away the last thing that held our little group together. Most of us went back to Facebook and I’m just keeping my nose to the paper writing and biding my time.

In the meantime I am going to blog like mad until the finial moment when I have to switch my blogs somewhere else. Then I will let you know where I'll be.

The End is near!

 photo headbangsoncomputer_t_01.gifKeep On Bloggin’!

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