Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year To My Network

It's that time again so Happy New Year my awesome friends! Did you know it's also a Blue Moon tonight and it will be the last one in my life time. It's so nice to have a Blue Moon on New Years! I hope yours is good!

This is my first blog upon coming to Blogger and leaving Windows Live Spaces. I am excited at the prospect of what is to come. Just like the New Year.

 photo 12_134042_profile_V01_.gif Keep On Bloggin'!

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I hope you like the geekiness and topics that I write about in Wonderland. This is an older blog so I don't write very often anymore, however, the posts from the past are still enjoyable and I wrote on a plethora of subjects so give my Wonderland a try you may like it. Big hug!

BTW I have Comment Moderation turned on for the rude ones who have to leave fake comments with poorly hidden links in them. You ruin it for everyone but you already know that.