Friday, April 11

Prize At The Bottom Of The Box

Prize At The Bottom Of The Box, 4/11/14

Love for me is never easy
This is why it leaves me queasy
Now that I am old and gray
Will it come again my way?

The single life is what I live
Although I have so much to give
Will love at this age come to me
Or will it bring mere agony?

I have faith I’ll find somebody
I can be with anybody
I’m not choosy as I look
Smiling as I bait my hook.

Men give me their rapt attention
More than I have time to mention
When I find that special one
Then what a prize I will have won!

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Thinking about love at my age and how I’d like to find someone but am very rusty when it comes to dating. I get asked to go out but not very often although I find men my age extremely sexy! Looking for someone? Lol!

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Wednesday, March 26

Bittersweet Memory


Bittersweet Memory, 3/25/14

Covered it
In seasonal blooms
Making it a thing of beauty
Instead of what it has become-a funeral pyre
It made her passing a bittersweet memory marked by the coming of the spring wildflowers.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

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Monday, March 24

The Swan


The Swan, 5/13/13

A leaf floats on the water
The surface calm and clear
I imagine the leaf a swan
Preening ever near.

The bird is snowy white
So beautiful and strong
I finally blink my eyes
The leaf gets swept along.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

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Sunday, March 23

People Watching


People Watching, 1/5/14

I sashay down the busy street
My reasoning
is quite concrete
The storefronts offering sales and heat
My happy feet they
keep the beat.

The many honking cars compete
And traffic lights keep traffic neat
I stop to gawk and take my seat
I watch the crowd without conceit.

As they walk by I look to greet
In case our eyes should chance to meet
And meeting them is such a treat
As I head home, my day complete.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

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The Hoard


The Hoard, 3/23/14

Dirty wrinkled sheets on an empty bed
The room an overflowing ashtray
Reading materials litter the floor
Along with containers of putrefied food
The smell the only signs of life.

Hallways haphazardly cluttered
Walking on top of the heap
Windows and doors long blocked
Bathroom covered in feces and filth
Fly’s going through their life cycle in the kitchen.

Digesting depression and anxiety daily
Wine gives everything a rosy glow
Nibbling on canned peaches
And wondering why the cat is missing
Come to think of it I had 2 cats.

A hidden life filled with shame
Trapped like a big fat rat
The bed now the middle of the maze
No one gets in and no one visits
Only going out to shop for more.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

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Friday, March 14

Midnight Kata


Midnight Kata, 10/15/13 

It is midnight at the Dojo
And a lone figure is spotted
He moves on invisible strings
Worked by a celestial puppeteer
Such fastidious movement
Slowly circling-ever vigilant
A Praying Mantis on a leaf
Watches with great concern
As he spares with the shadows
And only the rustle of silk is heard.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

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Midnight Kata was written for this music prompt.

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Writer’s Block


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Writer’s Block, 5/18/13

My book it lies unfinished
That poem left dangling there
The words remain extinguished
It’s like my thoughts are bare.

My first book came so easy
The money made now gone
The blank page makes me queasy
My writing just looks wrong.

I meant to write a story
A word, a phrase, a quote
I wanted all the glory
One word is all I wrote.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Almost everyone has a poem about experiencing writer’s block. Some poets hate them while others welcome them for what they are. I think we all have one in us so why not write about it, for who better to know?

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Friday, November 15

Chance Encounter


Chance Encounter

An astonishing night
Little could I have fathomed
You would be the one
To take me into your troth
Marking me as yours
Entering together into
Serendipitous delight
Openly trembling at your touch!


For prompt of the week, Poets Of G+.

The Prompt for this week is to use these letter as the first word of each line of your poem, sort of like an acrostic poem but the letters are chosen at random instead of spelling something. A, L, Y, T, M, E, S and O.

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